Buffalo Island Water System

Civil Engineering Associates, LCC has provided engineering services for municipal, private, and special water district systems in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri. The firm has worked with the various funding agencies in each of the states, as well as private bond firms. CEA works with each client through the planning, design, permitting, and construction management, as needed, for each of the projects.

Services provided include:

Projects completed by Civil Engineering Associates, LLC include small line extensions to complete distribution system replacement. CEA has worked with clients that utilize surface water supplies and ground water supplies. Treatment of the various types of water supplies has ranged from simple disinfection for some of the groundwater supplies, to Reverse Osmosis treatment facilities for removal of small particulates and minerals, to lime softening in conjunction with clarification and filtration for iron and manganese removal. In addition, CEA has be involved with multiple projects that require the construction of new water storage facilities, both standpipes and elevated tanks.

Recent water system projects include the following: