Wastewater stylized set of 5 water towers

Civil Engineering Associates, LCC has provided wastewater services to municipal and private clients in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri through a diverse array of funding opportunities. Both collection and plant projects, through planning, designing, permitting, and construction management, has total construction cost in excess of $18M over the last five years. The company continues to attend new technological conferences including membrane filtration. The diverse background of the key employees of CEA continue to be directly involved in all phases of any project to ensure proper quality control and assurances for all clients.

As the firm expands its reach into new areas, we strive to maintain the personal service from monthly meetings to weekly electronic updates to ensure the Client is aware of all aspects of the project. The majority of the work performed by the company continues to be related to large diameter collection system expansions, rehabilitation of the collection system through pipe bursting and manhole rehabilitation, and wastewater plant expansions.


The firm has designed and performed construction management for the following projects:

Paragould, AR Utility Relocation $2.4M 30" Diameter Gravity Sewer
Nashville, AR WWTP Expansion $5.2M 3.5 MGD Activated Sludge
Diamond City WWTP Rehabiltation $0.8M Teriarty Filter

The firm works with several clients developing master plans and funding plans for their future needs based on a SSES studies, Facility Evaluation for Lift Stations and Plants, and coordination with client personnel. This avenue has led to clients redeveloping their operation and maintenance budgets to allow for the most efficient use of available funds while developing reserve funds for future projects. The firm covers from the time it leaves your house to reentering the stream for reuse by others.