Current Project Bids

Project NameBid DateBid InfoPlan Holders
Town of Ravenden Springs-Water Storage Tank Rehabilitation 07/11/2018
City of Brookland- North Oak Street Waterline Extension 06/28/2018
Upper Southwest Arkansas Regional Solid Waste Management District Storm Water Forcemain Relocation 06/27/2018

Past Projects

Project NameBid DateDetailed Bid
Peach Orchard - Wastewater Lift Station Rehabilitation 04/25/2018
O'Kean - Wastewater Lift Station Rehabilitation 04/25/2018
Peach Orchard - Drainage System Improvements 03/29/2018
Bergman - Water System Improvements 03/22/2018
Success - Wastewater Lift Station Control Panel Replacement 03/06/2018
O'Kean - Water Storage Tank Rehabilitation 01/30/2018
Western Greene County Regional Water District - Highway 412 West Utility Relocation (ARDOT CA1003) 01/10/2018
Corning - Griggs Lane Wastewater Lift Station Rehabilitation 11/28/2017
Proposed Segmental Block Retaining Wall- White River Health System 11/08/2017
Corning SRTS 1 (2012) (100803) 10/17/2017
Carlisle: Water Well & Transmission Main 08/08/2017
Nashville: 4th St. Sidewalks (Nashville) (TAP-15) (S) (REBID) 07/27/2017
Carlisle: WWTP Rock Filter Media Rehabilitation 07/18/2017
Carlisle: 500,000 Gallon Elevated Tank Rehabilitation 07/18/2017